Swanky New Ships Float Your Boat

Swanky new ships sail the bounty in 2009

Seabourn’s deluxe Odyssey sets sail on June 24, 2009 from Venice, Italy and the ship’s nearly booked already. Why not, this spiffy luxury line really knows how to run a ship with tons of amenities and top cabin service. I love Seabourn ships and am looking forwrd to the newer, larger Odyssey with great expectations. She’s larger, wiser (they’ve added much-sought after balconies to this member of the Yachts of Seabourn), pleasingly pamperful and if you hurry you can take advantage of a special maiden voyage season fare. Check it out at www.seabourn.com or www.seabournblog.com.  Your savvy seafarer ranks Seabourn #1 tied for first place with Silversea and awards it six sparkling stars. For those not familiar with either cruise line, they are simply the best.  I love the cuisine, service, spas and service on both. Until the Odyssey joins the fleet, the Yachts of Seabourn are much smaller than Silversea and because of the size only sport French balcony windows (they open wide but you can’t step out like on Silversea). Seabourn’s current fleet may actually provide a little more personalized service than Silversea because of size the ratio of crew to passenger. Sailing on Seabourn is truly like sailing on a yacht. Both lines are manned by amiable captains and crew. I like Silversea’s The Bar for meeting for cocktails, but then I enjoy the lounges on Seabourn, similarly. But The Bar on Silversea ship is a special wateringhole where pax meet and make new friends but then can dash off unobtrusively by themselves if so inclined. Dining you see on both ships is  offered at pax pleasure, you eat when you want, where you desire and with whom. I mean does it get any better than that? Your savvy seafarer has other pieces in this blog about both cruise lines, so be sure to read them.

Silversea–another small luxury cruise line that rose the bar out of the water for style and service when it premiered, is also launching ships next year. More great expectations for your savvyseafarer, who ranks this company #1 and six shining stars. Silversea and Seabourn are basically hull and hull when it comes to the tops in service, style, attitude, suites, cuisine and just about all shipboard amenities.  www.silversea.com


richard-for-belair_tmpThat’s my main mate,  Richard onboard Silversea, he loves cruising as much as I do.


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