Savvyseafarer Tales from the Cruise

1062426162The  Savvyseafarer enjoys the suite balcony life…

Have you taken a cruise recently? If so tell me about your experience. I will print the top 5 reports and they don’t have to ring positive either. Just tell the truth about your voyage. Please include the name of the cruise line and ship if you can remember. Don’t laugh many past passengers can’t recall the name of the ship they sailed or and some don’t even know the cruise line’s name. It’s okay.

I’ve been cruising for decades. Started with my husband when we were in our 20s. We were the youngster pax on board back in the day. Cruise pax still range in their 60s and older, but until the recession and plummeting economy more affluent or upwardly mobile young folk were taking cruises. And why not? Ships are bigger and better than ever and offer head spinning diversions heretofore unheard of at sea from rock climbing walls to bowling alleys and beyond.

You only pack and unpack once for a cruise. Of course  it helps if you pack light and don’t go overboard with a steamer trunk filled with outfits you’ll never wear. More about that in another blog.

Anyhow, I love cruising…

The fresh sea air;  days that can be as lazy or active as you want.

Spas with greatly improved treatments,  fitness centers with ultra modern equipment, casinos, large swimming pools, Internet cafes, espresso and coffee bars, althernative dining venues (for an additiona cost), spacious staterooms and lavish suites with improved amenities, BALCONIES (my favorite, I love sitting on my private verandah). In fact we’ve had breakfast, lunch and dinner served on our balcony on Silversea, Crystal, Princess and other ships. We’ve sipped champagne under the light of a full  moon, sunbathed sans costume (only on certain very private balconies), and well use your imagination. Balconies are a must and be sure to book a stateroom with one, the price  is right these days with a whole lot of discounting going on. I mean Seabourn has reduced the fare %60 on some of the cruises on its  luxury yacht-like fleet this summer (see other entry). Crystal and Silversea are also offering reduced rates and so are many of the more mass market companies. Most of the bargains appear to be for European voyages. Not surprising since the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera remain popular year around especially since embarkation ports are usually in the US and easy to get to by car, plane and even rail (like San Diego sailings, we can take the train from LA). I’ve taken more than 200 cruises since 1995, that’s alotta days at sea, and I’ve loved every nautical mile.

This is my main mate richard-for-belair_tmp

Richard on the baclony.ruby-princess-arrival-5

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Bon voyage.


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