A Quick Glimpse of Silversea’s New Silver Spirit

Ahoy mates, I’ve been writing about  the new Silver Spirit and  I finally got a chance to see this spiffy ship up close and personal. We spent the night on board with a few of Silversea’s special invited guests. I took photos of the new additions.

I’ve sailed on Silversea ships before, but this is the larger vessel in the four ship fleet. She can hold around 540 passengers and weighs in at 36,000 tons. (The older Silver Shadow and Whisper carry 382 pax and replace 28,258 gross tons while the Silver Wind totes 298 people and weights 17,400 tons).

The almost all-inclusive  Spirit rises 11 decks and features all the amenities of the rest of fleet with a few additions and  noticeable Chachanges, Cha-ching changes:  there’s now a “small” charge for two alternative dining rooms ($30 a person plus the cost of wines of $100 in one and $30 with free wines in the other. Sorry to be vague about this, but I didn’t sail on this ship, just spent the night and neither rooms were operating and got different answers when I questioned about the charges) My bad should have checked better.
Veranda Suites (ours was 740) measure about 376 sq ft and have a 65 sq ft private balcony. Big changes are the larger bathroom with huge basin and rain shower (there’s also a tub) , and flat screen TVs.

One TV is actually part of a mirror, which is rather weird, when  you turn if off it’s a mirror, switch it on and it becomes  small flat screen TV(pictured is the second TV, the mirror TV is placed in front of the bed.

I love Silversea Cruises, but am finding it difficult to accept the change to what feels like a less intimate vessel.  It certainly has bells and whistles and upgrades but the product was so perfect before, I’m not sure it needed to be altered.

Perhaps once we sail on a real cruise I’ll have a different feeling. I only spent 24 hours on board and we didn’t move.Wines, spirits and soft drinks are free on Silversea ships, but some premium pours, like those pictured above, cost extra.

The pool is inviting and well used during cruises, especially by yours truly and her husband. Our routine is a swim before breakfast, followed by a poolside cappuccino, a dip in before lunch and then one at sundown followed by a glass of complimentary champagne at the adjacent pool bar.
Ah the good life.

The ship sailed to Europe today via the Panama Canal and New York. Wish were on board because then I’d know if this newer, bigger ship is any better than her siblings. Until then the jury’s out until we take that cruise.


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