The Bambu Bar, Osama Bin Laden, Photos and Snippets from a Crystal Cruise

In our Hertz rental in Maui
Patti and Richard in their Penthouse home away from home
We sailed from Los Angeles on the Crystal Symphony to Hawaii on Easter Sunday and returned to LA on Mother’s Day. There were 5 glorious days at sea to do everything or nothing–we did a little of both (LOL). Swam in the pool, got massages in the Spa, worked out in the Fitness Center, jogged on deck, attended fabulous workshops, lectures, seminars, ate and drank (Martinis, Margaritas, lots of wine and plenty of water (which, along with soft drinks is free on Crystal which in a year will charge an all-inclusive fare and everything you drink and all tips will be taken care of.
We rented Hertz cars in Kauai and Maui and drove to the beach and around the islands. We even went to a mall in Maui to pick up a few things. In Oahu we walked from the ship to Chinatown in searh of manapuas, which you may know as “baos”, we found ’em.  Since the Symphony was in port until midnight, we had time to have a drink on shore. So we strode across the road to Restaurant Row where we found Bambu

Bambu Bar in Oahu
The Crystal Symphony off La Haina, Maui
 and also learned of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.
La Haina, Maui

Silk Road
We were booked into a Penthouse with verandahwhich comes with a butler, Teo from Romania, two stewardesses (they don’t share the room), two bottles of booze, a duet of wine, and all the beer and soda you can consume. Not too shabby.

Teo, the Penthouse butler and Patti on formal nightTeo brought us breakfasts and dinners when we felt like eating in, which we did often, mostly on the verandah. He's great as are all the butlers on this cruise line.We also went to the alternative dining venues a few times, Prego an Silk Road, the former Italian the latter Asian, both excellent.The veal chop in Prego, you must order it a day ahead of timeThe Spa