Fare War Are Rocking the Boats

Crystal Cruise and Oceania Cruises lines are offering fares that rock the boat this summer.

From the Panama Canal to Europe you can catch 2 for 1 tickets and as high as 75% reductions in prices with these two lines.

Crystal Cruises offers luxurious voyages on five star ships with attractive staterooms and two decks of butler-manned penthouses with verandas and suites. 

Oceania is a mid-luxury line with many of same qualities of  Crystal plus exceptional cuisine in 7 amazing alternative dining venues for no added fees. Crystal’s two additional dining options come with a $7 a person gratuity added (cheap enough), but next March the line will offer all-inclusive fares with tips and all beverages included.  Oceania does not charge for soft drinks or bottle water (nor does Crystal) but they do add a high tab to drinks and wine.

Both are quite exceptional cruise lines read more about them at:  http://www.examiner.com/last-minute-deals-in-los-angeles/oceania-cruises-slashes-fares-nearly-75-on-select-cruises


2 thoughts on “Fare War Are Rocking the Boats

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