Is Carnival Corporation’s latest missive more a pacifier?

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The latest statement from Costa Cruises, owners of the ill-fated Concordia that ran aground off the coast of Italy on Friday the 13th of January–a disaster that started a maelstrom of travesties–and Carnival Corporation, owners of Costa–what do you think? 

Costa Cruises and Carnival Corporation & plc Reiterate Commitment to Support
Costa Concordia Passengers and Crew
Genoa, Italy and MIAMI – January 18, 2012 – Costa Cruise Lines and its parent company, Carnival Corporation & plc, today confirmed their commitment to provide full support to those passengers, crew and families of the victims of the Costa Concordia grounding.
“I give my personal assurance that we will take care of each and every one of our guests, crew and their families affected by this tragic event. Our company was founded on this principle and it will remain our focus,” said Micky Arison, chairman and CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc.
In this spirit, Costa has been arranging lodging and transportation for affected passengers and crew members to return home. Every passenger and crew member or their family is being contacted and the company has offered its assistance and counseling as needed, and will be addressing personal possessions lost on board. Costa has also begun the process of refunding all voyage costs including both passenger cruise fares and all costs incurred while on board. Our senior management teams are working together to determine additional support.
“During this time of tragedy, we are doing our very best to provide the needed support to the Costa Concordia passengers, crew and their families,” said Pier Luigi Foschi, chairman and CEO of Costa Cruises.

1. Micky Arison  is calling it a “grounding,” which is fascinating parsing of the incident, which began with colliding with a reef and coming perilously close to sinking and only ended with a fortuitous grounding.
2. They are refunding “cruise fares” and onboard purchases, with no mention of airfares or any other costs associated with passengers getting to/from Italy, or for the costs they will now incur after evacuation.

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